Concert Audio, Lighting & Video in NYC and CT


Cheshire Summer Concerts

Location:  Bartlem Park

Lighting: Jeffrey Winthrop, Joseph Burns

Audio: Carlos Dias, Frank Egan

Staging: William Moore, Evan Chrustic

Westfield Mall Summer Concert

Location: Westfield Mall, Trumbull, CT

Producer: Brian Winthrop

Lighting Designer: Jeffrey Winthrop

Audio Tech: Joseph Burns

Chainsmoker at Dartmouth College

Producer: Brian Winthrop

Lighting Designer:  Jeffrey Winthrop

Audio Engineer: Joseph Burns


Meg Central

Producer: Jeffrey Winthrop

Lighting Designer:  Joseph Burns

Site:  Amazura’s, Queens, NY

EDM with DJ Griffin at Dartmouth College

Club Big Wave at Dartmouth College featuring DJ Griffin

and brand new 32’000 Watt PK Sound Line Array

Terrapin Band

Production Manager: Jeffrey Winthrop

Audio Engineer: Carlos Dias

Lighting Designer: Joseph Burns

Set-Design: Brian Winthrop

EDM with Time Fly’s at Sacred Heart University

EDM with Chainsmokers at Fairfield University

EDM with DJ Pauly D at Sacred Heart University

Manhattan Dolls

Roxbury Fiddle Fest