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Retirement is a milestone that bears celebrating with family members, friends, and colleagues. When you sit down with an event planner in Westport, CT, you don’t want to start the conversation with a blank slate. There are a number of things to consider when planning someone’s retirement party. A few items that are good to discuss on your first meeting are the venue, a theme, and whom to invite. Also, you want to ask yourself: What would the person like when it comes to a theme for the party? Is he or she known for anything in particular, like golf, fishing, or baseball? Just a few ideas to consider for the big day include all of the following:

  • Location: After-work drinks at a local hangout or at a country club choose the venue that best suits the personality of the celebrant.
  • Guest List: If the celebration is being held as an official company event you can mix the guest of honor’s family and friends with his or her colleagues.
  • Kind of Celebration: From planning a gala event to a luncheon during the work day, you can choose the celebration to be held at a sporting event or anywhere else on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Visual Display: Have an autograph book set up for guests to write notes in. You can also videotape the guests’ memories and collect them for the retiree. Many hosts develop a slideshow with photos from the retiree’s life and have them playing in a loop on a TV or computer.