Fashion Shows

You want your fashion show to stand out and be memorable. Whether you are raising money with our planners of nonprofit events in Manhattan, or just providing a special event for the holidays, count on us for the specifics you need. Rely on us to work with you to plan your fashion show from concept to cleanup. We take care of even the smallest of details, including your event’s DJ in Manhattan.

Do you have the venue but lack the lighting, video, and audio to make your fashion show the event of the season? Big Wave Event Productions, one of the leading event planners in Connecticut and NYC, provides the design conception, equipment, and highly skilled staff you need to put on a fashion show the audience will never forget.

Big Wave can provide:

  • Runway
  • Chairs
  • Truss System
  • Runway Lighting
  • Décor Lighting
  • DJ with QSC KLA Line Array Audio
  • High Definition Video with Cameras
  • Fabrics, Drapery and Décor
  • Power Distribution

Natori Fall Fashion Show

Location: Waterfall Mansion, New York, NY

Producer: Brian Winthrop

Audio Engineer:  Joseph Burns

LD:  Jeffrey Winthrop

Connecticut Florists Association

Producer: Brian Winthrop

Lighting Designer: Jeffrey Winthrop

Audio Engineer: Joseph Burns

Décor: William Moore

Location: Sheraton Springfield

Natori Fashion Show NYC

Fashion Show Producer: Andrew Egan, Cool Grey Seven Founder and Executive Creative Director

Event Production:  Big Wave Events

Location: Doubles Club at the Sherry Netherland Hotel, NYC

Natori Fashion Show, NYC

Josie Natori Spring Ready-to-Wear

Photos by: Giammi Pucci/

Production: Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Lighting: 32 Big Wave warm white LED fixtures with shutters

Audio: 4 JBL PRX 618XLF Sub-woofers and 8 QSC KLA line array enclosures


By Alison Baenen

Josie Natori outlined her mission this season as “celebrating the woman in a very modern way.” To get there, Natori backtracked to 1930’s Hollywood, an era she admires for its empowered screen sirens and strong, sensual silhouettes. “Every woman is an icon,” the designer said, explaining that she wanted to create “power dressing” pieces that were still feminine. The result was an appealingly soft yet structured group of daytime separates in Italian jacquard that had substance, thanks to their weave, but still gave the impression of floating off the body. Lightness is key for Natori, who is never far from the kimono. Evolved elements of its shape were apparent throughout, from the loose bows that tied cotton shirting at the waist to the capacious nature of most of the collection’s sleeves. The silhouette stayed simple and organic through evening, but a blurred, rainbow-bright check print gave a somewhat unpleasant jolt; a series of sheer tops in sherbet hues paired with crisp pastel pants were a better use of brights. Old Hollywood elegance was fully restored by the simplest looks—the unstructured, uncluttered gowns that closed the show. Sometimes the best way to celebrate a woman is to let her speak for herself.

Kimono NYC 2013

Site: Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan, NY

Executive Producer: Hoshoen/HSJ-Willie and Cindy Banks

Producer & Event Planner: Brian and Mariella Winthrop, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC.

Associate Producers: Ed Berenhaus & Mark Steele

LD: Pete Willey, Big Wave

Technical Director: Tom Russell, Big Wave

Audio Engineer: Carlos Dias, Big Wave

DJ: Ali Kaba, Big Wave

Senior Camera Operator: Ulrich Bilbois

Camera Operators: Brandon Liguori & Ryan Stottle, Big Wave

One Clip Board

Site: New York Armory, Manhattan, NY

Twinkle by Wenlan

Site: NYC Automobile Club

Event Production: Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Bikini Under the Bridge

Site: Under the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NY

Producer: JRG Entertainment

Event Production: Big Wave Event Productions

JRG October Fashion Show

Site: Aviator, Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, NY

Event Producer: JR Giddings, JRG Entertainment

Event Production: Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Flagship Store Opening in Soho, NYC for Parasuco Jeans

Marketing Director: Adrienne McGrath, Parasuco Jeans

Designer: Grayson Handy, Prudence Design

Event Producer: Brian Winthrop, CMP, CSEP, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Lighting Designer: Peter Wylie, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Fabric Designer: Mariella Winthrop, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Audio Engineer: Jay Morascini, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC


The Austrian eyeglass manufacturer, celebrated its 20th Anniversary at its new corporate headquarters’ in Green Island, a suburb of Albany, New York. The luncheon event with 375 guests was held at 11 AM in a 80′ x 120′ tent. Big Wave supplied audio, video, five minute produced video for Daniel Swarovski Eye Wear, thirty-eight lit 60″ rounds with stretch fabric covers for the tables and chairs with matching sash, decor lighting, live I-MAG and spectacular intelligent light show during the fashion show.

Director of Marketing: Genevieve Fay, Silhouette

Senior Marketing Coordinator: Andrea Maiello

Event Planner: Cynthia Srednicki, President, Vision PR

Event Producers: Georgio, Vision PR and Brian Winthrop, CMP, CSEP, Big Wave International, Ltd.

Lighting Designer: Ian Lewis, Big Wave International, Ltd.

Video Production: Bob Fappiano