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Our event planners in Connecticut work with our staff disc jockeys, who are geared to please an audience whether they are spinning at a wedding, an outdoor event, an anniversary party, or any other event. The enjoyment of our clients is their goal. They have rehearsed their lineup, checked the sound equipment, and are ready to play at the designated time. They also always carry a backup system in case of any kind of technical glitches.

Work with the DJs that know how to synchronize their efforts with the rest of the event-management team. They know how to remain flexible as things often change in the middle of an event. In other words, paying close attention to the event as it unfolds is critical to their success. As experienced team members they know it’s best not to leave anything up to chance while they are playing an appropriate repertoire of music as requested.

As part of our team for event production in NYC, our DJs know how much our clients have invested in any particular event. Along with the whole team, they take their responsibilities seriously, so you can be sure to execute their part of your event flawlessly and enjoyably. Trust our event planner in Westport, CT, when you are ready to start planning your next successful event.

University of Delawave DJ Concert

Location;  University of Delaware

Production and Management:  Evan Chrustic

Sacred Heart University President Ball

Location:  Pitt Center at Sacred Heart University

Producer:  Brian Winthrop

Production and Management:  Evan Chrustic

Audio:  John Flannagan

Lighting:  Patrick Worcester

Decor:  Mariella Winthrop

Sacred Heart University President Gala

Location: Pitt Center, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT

Producer: Brian Winthrop

Designer: Mariella Winthrop

DJ: DJBone

Lighting Designer: Joseph Burns

Audio Engineer: Rhys Kiernan

VJ Big Wave

Sixties to Nineties

‘One of the top video jockeys from the nineties’

DJ Boy Genius


Top 40 & Techno


Hip Hop and Techno

DJ Ali Kaba

Hip Hop and Techno