The close-knit staff of event planners in Connecticut at Big Wave Events is responsible for our many successes over the years. We work together as one team, and everyone pitches in to help provide whatever is necessary. We are fortunate to have garnered a workplace philosophy that is so essential to making an event run smoothly. Every facet of a production—from the most private wedding to a huge alumni gala—is equally important. The success of the whole event depends on the accomplishments of each of its parts, or in this case, people. Our staff exhibits some of the best qualities any event manager should have, including all of the following:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Flexibility
  • Energy
  • Creativity
  • Detail Orientation
  • Time Management Skills
  • Enthusiasm
  • Organizational Skills
  • Technical Knowhow

Everyone on our crews and teams is equally invested in the success of our event production in NYC. No matter what your next event may be, our event planner in Westport, CT, or NYC looks forward to hearing from you. Call our toll-free number at (800) 291-9837 to find out how we can deliver everything you need for a wonderful event.

Brian Winthrop, Producer

Mariella Winthrop, Designer

Jeffrey Winthrop, Production Manager

Carlos Diaz, Sound Engineer

Chaz DeVito, Sound Engineer

Andy Rougvie, Certified Rigger

Joseph Burns, Lighting Designer

Pete Wylie, Lighting Designer

William Moor, Production Assistant

Laura Talmich, Décor

Jessica Patterson, Décor

James Sarris, DJ

Ali Kaba, DJ

Boy Genius, DJ

Veronica Winthrop, DJ