Big Wave Drive-In Movie

The #1 touring special event since 1987!

NEW Big Wave Drive-In Super Mega System
(50’ Screen)

Plan an amazing event for your next fundraiser or one of your corporate parties in NYC when you want to thrill your guests with a top-quality outdoor movie. Our Big Wave Drive-In Movie events are popular for their adventurousness and uniqueness. We use quality systems with outstanding visibility and clarity. The size of our systems range from a corporate system for groups from 200 to 3,000 to a regular system that is perfect for groups from 10 to 500. Work with our event planner in Westport, CT, to make your special event stand out at your company picnic or family night for your organization. Count on our event planner in Westport, CT, to produce a movie night that everyone will enjoy. Our technicians that provide event production in NYC are efficient and professional. We set up the equipment beforehand and stay throughout the duration of the event, after which we tear down the equipment and clean up the area before we leave.

Big Wave Drive-In Movie Mega System

Town of Yorktown

Our Screens are Twice the Size of our Competitors!!!!

All screens are 6′ off the ground and come with a crystal clear stereo FM Transmitter good for 1,000 cars, or a JBL PA!


System Type Audience Size Cars Screen Diagonal Dimensions Square Footage
Regular 10 to 100 50 20 9′ x16′ 144
Super 50 to 500 250 30 15′ x 27′ 405
Mega 100 to 1,000 400 40 19.5′ x 35′ 682
Double Mega 500 to 2,000 800 2 x 40 2 x 19.5′ x 35′ 2 x 682
Super Mega 200 to 2,500 600 50 24.5′ x 43.5′ 1065


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