Get This Party Started!

Close the night with a bang with our complete self-contained entertainment package that’ll get your guests up and dancing, including the latest and most advanced audio systems, professional DJs, custom lighting setups, and much more.
High-end Audio System
Feel the vibe with our powerful line-array, and let your guests take the party to a whole new level.
Cutting-Edge LED & Intelligent Light Show
Add a magical touch to your event. We have a wide array of customizable light shows that’ll surely suit your taste.
Generators & Power Distribution
We guarantee an uninterrupted experience with our reliable power solutions, complete with an in-depth technical setup that can be utilized anywhere and at any time.
Event Design and Layout
We pride ourselves in consistently delivering creative and innovative design solutions. We will work closely with you to create an aesthetic that reflects your brand and event goals. From the layout of the space to the placement of stages, seating areas, and other elements, we’ve got you covered.
Professional DJs
Get the crowd grooving with our talented DJs! From disco classics to alternative hits from the '80s, dance music from the 90s and Latin, hip-hop, techno and contemporary chart-toppers - we have it all.
LED Wall and Special Effects
Complement our high-end audio system and intelligent light show with our visually striking LED wall and special effects to take your party to the next level.

Meet Our DJs

VJ Big Wave

Sixties to Nineties One of the top video jockeys from the 90s


Top 40 & Techno


Hip Hop and Techno

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