Once you have a party theme in mind, it can be modified to fit the needs of your group. Whether you are thinking about a celebration for an elderly person or a group of teenagers, you can always make the ideas, party decorations, games, and refreshments to suit the majority of your invitees. Some of the most popular party themes for families, clubs, or group of friends include all of the following:

  • Wine & Chocolate: Find recipes for chocolate treats and pair them with special kinds of just-right wines.  including
  • English Tea Party: All you need is an English tea set to celebrate high tea. You can use your best dishes, table linens, candle holders, vases to set the ambiance. Serve small sandwiches, a number of different pastries, scones, and jams on a tiered serving platter.  Have a variety of teams and serve coffee as well.
  • Patriotic Party: Of course you want to use red, white and blue colors. It’s easy to find themed paper goods, and you can always find a variety of foods in red, white and blue, especially fruits and beverages.
  • Fiesta: Use bright colors for fiesta parties. Choose your menu from Central and South America, and be sure to play fiesta music for your fiesta feast.

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