To continue our blog about “Event Planning for a Family Reunion,” we are emphasizing additional tasks a professional can handle to make your reunion planning easier. With an event planner in Fairfield, CT, from Big Wave Events, your reunion will be as organized as possible at every stage of the preparations.

An experienced and knowledgeable event professional can take care of tracking RSVPs and payments, arrange lodging for guests, and plan special group dinners or get-togethers for the younger crowd. You can also rely on your event expert to take care of vendor contracts.

Your event planner can find out where your relatives live and suggest the perfect location for the reunion. Whether it’s a town where the majority of the relatives live, or someplace unique and adventurous at a midpoint destination, she or he will know the best locations and have contacts there. Nothing about your event will be based on trial-and-error.

The right party planner for you knows that the plans are about your wishes and ideas to complement your family’s style. She or he is there to make your plans come to life, not to decide on every element for you. You may have specific goals for your reunion like creating time for certain groups to visit together. You may also have limitations in budgeting, dates and times, and how to deal with the wide age span among the kids. Also, transportation is key if your guests need picking up from the airport, or you need vans to transport groups to special activities.

You can depend on a professional event planner to help you with numerous events to please your large gathering. From formal dinners to family-style buffets, you can get the help you need with catering, menu planning, and other best options for meals throughout the gathering.

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