When your company holds a holiday party, the most important takeaways are that the employees feel appreciated after they leave the event, that the experience was memorable, and that the group was able to enjoy time with one another.  You can always hire the professionals at Big Wave Events, a leading company for event production in NYC, to produce the party for you. However, to make your holiday party a true success, be sure you think of ways to engender fun and pride in your organization.

Most companies, large and small, have some kind of holiday party to show appreciation to their employees, thank them for their hard work, and celebrate the year’s success. No matter what kind of party you envision, it takes a lot of thought, coordination, and planning.  The following are some tips to help you plan your company’s next holiday party:

Determine the Kind of Event to Have
Do you want to have a luncheon, an evening party, or a budget-friendly party at the office?

Choose a Date & Time
You don’t want to choose a date that is too close to the actual holiday because many people will be planning trips or other events with their own families and friends. The best time is usually the second or third week of December.

Create a Guest List
It’s up to you whether you want to include spouses, significant others, and children at your holiday party. Depending on the day and time, it may not be appropriate to invite children. It is a nice gesture to include spouses/significant others especially if the party takes place over a weekend.

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