To continue the tips for a successful corporate holiday party, we suggest you can always work with the professionals at Big Wave Events so that you don’t get overwhelmed and bogged down in the party planning. As seasoned pros for any kind of event production in NYC, this company can ensure your event results in a memorable time for everyone who attends. Some of the aspects of planning your event–whether you do it with an in-house committee or use the professionals–include all of the following:

Choose a Venue and Caterer
You can decorate a designated area at the office or choose one of the local venues such as a country club, restaurant, or hotel for your holiday party. If you have the party at the company, using a caterer is the best route to take.

Send Save the Date Notices
If there’s enough time, it helps to send save-the-date notices so that everyone can add the party to their calendars ahead of the actual invitation. You want as accurate a count as possible so that notifying invitees more than once helps. Be sure to request an RSVP by a certain date.

Holiday Entertainment
To make your event more festive and fun, it helps to have live music or a DJ. Make sure you have a good sound system and a space for a little dancing if you want to have danceable music.

Gift Giving
Even if you give small tokens of your appreciation to your employees, giving them out at the holiday party is a great time to bestow cash, gift cards, or any other present you deem appropriate.

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