When a business sponsors an event for its employees, partners, clients, or prospective clients, it’s considered a corporate event. The events vary in size and can be as large as a convention or as small as a holiday dinner party. No matter what kind of event is being held, the fundamental purpose is to bring people together in a new way, which helps to promote interpersonal relationships that are not always possible inside a structured environment of the office. Some of the most common kinds of corporate events include the following:

Seminars & Conferences

The purpose of a seminar or conference is to target specific audiences and provide them with relevant information. A seminar can last from a few hours to a few workdays. You may include one or more speakers. However, a conference generally has multiple sessions and begins with a keynote address and moves on to breakout sessions by topic.

Trade Shows

A trade show is typically to showcase the company’s products and services. Many companies seek sponsors for booth space, advertising, promotion, and speaking opportunities. The venue for a trade show needs to be large enough to hold hundreds of vendors.

Executive Retreats  

When a company’s leadership needs to deal with planning, business development, or incentives, they may hold an executive retreat. A retreat is also partly used as a reward because enjoyable activities are included in and around the meetings.

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