The following list of some of the most common kinds of corporate events is a continuation of “The Most Common Kinds of Corporate Events, Part 1.” If you are gearing up to plan for your next corporate event, contact Big Wave Events, a company that is known for excelling at event production in NYC. We can help you with any event you want—from concept to finish!

Golf Events
Many companies like to hold golf events when the weather is nice. Golfing together helps build relationships between teams in an enjoyable and relaxing environment.

Appreciation Events
An appreciation event is an informal occasion that may be held for employees or clients. There are a number of possibilities for companies to show appreciation, including the following:

  • Dinner & Theater
  • Sporting Events
  • Private Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Tickets to a Popular Event

Company Milestones
Celebrate a business or company milestone like a grand opening or a major anniversary. You may invite only company employees or expand your guest list to include clients, vendors, and community dignitaries.

Product Launch Events
A company may hold a launch party to spread the news about the product’s release among customers and the media. The kind of industry often dictates how extensive a product launch might be.

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