Wedding toasts are for expressing heartfelt, funny, or nostalgic things you want to say.  You want to say more than a simple “Congrats” or “Cheers.” Always take the chance to talk about the couple if you are handed the microphone. If you aren’t sure where to begin as you start your speech, take note of the following tips:

  • Use Humor & Sentimentality. It’s perfectly fine and even desirable to evoke emotions from the wedding guests. From memories to fun facts, you can lighten the mood while entertaining your audience. Finding a memory is always a good place to start writing your speech.
  • Don’t Cross the Line When Roasting the Couple. Lightly teasing the couple or the bride or groom can generate laughter and good fun. Be careful not to attack anyone’s character, past experiences, or touch on sensitive things.
  • Don’t Refer to Inside Jokes. Everyone with close friends or family members has insider jokes. But inside jokes don’t work in this setting because most people don’t know what they mean. It’s best not to refer to situations that are only between you and the bride or groom.
  • Make Your Toast Short. Be sure not to start at the beginning of your relationship with the couple. Short little stories are fine. Most people want to hear about the bride or the groom because it’s their day, not yours.

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