The wedding planner you choose should be more than capable of carrying out your wishes. The most important characteristics of the person you work with for your wedding is that she understands you and that the two of you envision the same things. There are a lot of choices when it comes to planners, so you want to figure out exactly what you want and research the variety of options available before you start interviewing any candidates.

Not all wedding planners have the same set of skills. For example, some professional wedding planners do not provide design services or logistics. So if making transportation, lodging, and scheduling plans for the wedding party and all of your guests is important to you, then you’d be best served by a planner who excels at handling logistics. On the other hand, if you want help for every design-related detail—from picking your colors to adding centerpieces—you want to be sure your planner is creative and capable of giving you the support and advice you want.

Big Wave Events plans weddings—from the dress, music, and lighting to the décor and entertainment—with its experienced staff of professionals for event production in NYC, Connecticut, and all of the surrounding areas. Call 800-291-9837 (toll-free) for more information.

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