To continue our suggestions about from the blog about “What to Consider in Choosing Your Event Venue, Part 1,” we offer you some more considerations when you have a special event coming up. One of the most important aspects of any venue is that it includes accessibility so that those with special needs can access the building.

Venue Capacity & Minimums

You want to know how many people can fit comfortably into the space at your venue. Once you know or can estimate the number of your guests, find out the venue’s capacity and whether there’s a minimum number of people required before it can be rented.


Food and the way it is served are extremely important factors when it comes to ensuring your attendees have a pleasant experience. Some venues offer catering; others do not. Sometimes venues without kitchen facilities have partnerships with a caterer that you’re required to use. Check on the venue’s food policies in advance.


Does the venue have tables, chairs, and linens you can use? If so, you can save money and time by using what they have, if it works well with your theme and ambiance. You also want to use its built-in AV equipment if they have it. Also, find out if it has a crew for cleanup.

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