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Club Big Wave™ Transforms Facilities into Dance Clubs

Club Big Wave™ (CBW) is a powerful antidote for event apathy. Our event planners in Connecticut will close your convention/meeting with a party that is exciting and memorable. We are well-known for coordinating private affairs, corporate events, and major events for associations and organizations. As well, Big Wave provides a truly exciting setting in which your guests, attendees, employees, and management dance the night away to their favorite music while viewing the actual recording stars performing on our high-definition stretch fabric videos screens. The energy level at our Club Big Wave events is unsurpassed. Surrounded by beautiful décor, our music and award-winning light show are non-stop from start to finish, and we never charge overtime.

A self-contained company for event production in NYC and Connecticut, Big Wave transforms any indoor or outdoor facility into a spectacular yet elegant dance club, custom designed to fit any group size, from 50 to 10,000. We provide all of the following for your special event:

  • 30,000-watt JBL Audio System
  • Award-winning LED and Intelligent Light Show
  • Christie/Panasonic HD Video
  • Beautiful High-Tech Décor
  • Event Manager
  • DJ, MC, & LD

We’ve been making waves since the birth of MTV. Originally known as Wild Video Dance Party®, which toured hundreds of colleges, universities, and military bases during the 1980s, then Club Coca-Cola®, CBW expanded into the corporate market in the 1990s. Since then, we’ve performed at hundreds of major corporate destinations nationally, as well as in Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. We are celebrated for our ability to mix videos from the disco era; alternative music from the 1980s; dance music from the 1990s; and Latin, hip-hop, techno and today’s dance-oriented Top 40.

In addition to numerous pharmaceutical firms our list of satisfied corporate clients includes the following:

  • Cisco
  • Apple
  • Intel
  • IBM
  • Siemens
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Arthur Andersen
  • Ernst & Young
  • Deloitte Touche
  • Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting

Our event planner in Manhattan has run the closing event for five Microsoft Global Summits with more than 9,000 employees in attendance. As well as being the principal entertainment, CBW opens other main attractions and closes them after we’ve performed for up to 65 minutes or more. And, of course, we can I-MAG your main attraction. In that capacity, we’ve worked with Earth, Wind & Fire; the B 52s; Kool and the Gang; the Village People; Smash Mouth; the Stray Cats; and Huey Lewis, among others. We can also work with celebrity MC’s and DJ’s. We guarantee an uncommonly successful high-energy event that generates buzz for years.


Washington Arts Association Summer Solstice 2022

Location:  Tent at Washington Town Hall, CT

Lighting:  Joseph Burns

Audio:  Patrick Wooster


ACCED 2022

Location:  Hilton, Atlanta, GA

Producer:  Brian Winthrop

Management:  Evan Chrustic

Audio Engineer: Joe Burns

Video Engineer:  Preston Martinik

Designer:  Mariella Winthrop


Sacred Heart University Graduation Ball Second Night

Location:  Tent

Theme:  Beauty and the Beast

Producer:  Brian Winthrop

Designer:  Mariella Winthrop

Lighting: Designer Joseph Burns

Production Assistant:  Brian Jennings and Tristan Kane

Sacred Heart University Graduation Ball First Night

Location:  Tent

Theme: Cinderella

Producer:  Brian Winthrop

Designer:  Mariella Winthrop

Lighting Designer:  Joseph Burns

Production Assistant:  Brian Jennings and Tristan Kane

DJ: Danny Arias

Monroe Country Club Dia De Los Muertos

Producer:  Brian Winthrop

Designer:  Mariella Winthrop

Lighting Designer:  Joseph Burns

Production Manager:  Brian Jennings

Audio Engineer:  Eddie Godin

Entertainment:  DJ VDub, Terrapin and The Daniel King Band

Head Chef:  Frank Mirabelle


Sacred Heart University President’s Gala

Location: Pitt Center

Producer:  Brian Winthrop

Designer: Mariella Winthrop

Production Manager:  Brian Jennings

Lighting Designer: Joseph Burns

Audio Engineer:  Frank Egan, Eddie Godin

Guest Performer:


Sacred Heart University Graduation Ball

Site:  Tent at Sacred Heart University

Event Planner:  Brian Winthrop

Audio Engineer:  Edward Godin

Lighting Designer: Joseph Burns


Operation Smile Fundraising Gala

Location: Belle Haven Country Club

Producer:  Brian Winthrop

Lighting Designer: Rhys Kiernan

Audio Engineer: Joseph Burns

Meg Central

Producer: Jeffrey Winthrop

Lighting Designer:  Joseph Burns

Site:  Amazura’s, Queens, NY

Patterson Country Club Holiday Party

Producer: Brian Winthrop

Audio Engineer: Joseph Burns

Lighting Tech: William Moore


Sacred Heart University President’s Ball

Producer: Brian Winthrop

Lighting Designer:  Joseph Burns

Sound Engineer: George Matulis

DJ: Jeffrey Winthrop

Decor: Jessica Patterson

Sacred Heart Graduation Ball

Producer:  Brian Winthrop

LD:  Jeffrey Winthrop

Sound Engineer: Carlos Dias and Joseph Burns

Décor: Mariella Winthrop

Club Big Wave New Year’s Eve Private Party

Site:  Barn, Litchfield, CT

Entertainment:  Club Big Wave

Event Planner:  Brian Winthrop

Sacred Heart University Annual Spring Balls

Site: 120’ x 180’ Tent, Sacred Heart University

Entertainment: Friday night Club Big Wave featuring DJ James and DJ V Dub, Saturday night, The Cartells

Event Planner: Denise Tiberio and Amy Ricci, SHU

Event Production: Brian Winthrop, CMP, CSEP, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Tents: George Szondy, Abbey Tent

Opening Dance at Sacred Heart University

Décor Lighting: Tom Russell for Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

CBW at Northfield Mt. Hermon School 2013 Alumni Event

Site: James Gym, NMH

Event Planner: Laurel Edson, NMH

DJ: DJ J-Bone

LD: Tom Russell

Show: Club Big Wave

Club Big Wave at Fairfield University’s Presidential Ball

Site: Fairfield University Tent

LD:  Pete Wylie

Audio Engineer: Joe Burns

DJ: Boy Genius

Studio 51 Party for the Westport Arts Center

Entertainment: Club Big Wave

Production Company: Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Treasury Management Association

Site: Palmer House, Chicago, IL

Event: Club Big Wave


Site: Embassy Suite, Raleigh, NC

Group size: 1,000

Event Planner: Meg Economy, Event by Ardis

Producer: Brian Winthrop, CMP, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC


Siemen’s Hearing Instruments Presents Wild Video Dance Party® featuring Marvelless Mark and the Divine Divas. Big Wave produced the event which included a 40′ long stretch fabric tunnel lite by four Martin Image Scans featuring the Siemen’s logo and eight Robocolor 400’s. The main room featured a 25,400 watt QSC Powerlite audio system, two 9′ x 12′ rear projection screens driven by two Eiki Powerhouse video projectors coupled with a Sony CCC Digital camera for live I-MAG and 4,500 music videos, eight Martin PALS, twelve Martin MAC 600s’, four Martin MAC 500s’, twelve Source Four ellipsoidels, four Martin Imagescans and eight Martin Robocolor 400’s, a Prolyte 30′ x 40′ x 25′ high ground support system driven by four Chain Master one ton chain hoists, pipe and drape and eight 10′ x 15′ stretch fabrics, two 20′ x 30′ stretch fabric and a 30′ x 30′ stretch fabric for a stage backdrop

Westport Art Center Gala featuring Club Big Wave™

Association for Financial Professionals, Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, IL

Indie 500 winners and owners party at Epcot Center in Disney featuring Club Big Wave™