Event Production in NYC – InstallsBig Wave LED is owned by Big Wave Event Productions, LLC, one of the leading event planning companies in NYC and throughout New England since 1985. We are also one of the most trusted event planners in Connecticut. We pride ourselves in using all of the LED fixtures we sell in the field first. Visit our LED site at BigWaveLED.com to see all of our illuminating products. Some of the most popular items used in many kinds of event production in NYC include all of the following:
  • Big Wave Strobe 165 Watt
  • Big Wave 400-Watt Blinder
  • Big Wave 165-Watt Strobe
  • Big Wave Powerful Beam 230
  • Big Wave 6-In.1 – 120-Watt Uplight
  • Big Wave 108-Watt UV Fixture
  • Big Wave 4-In.1 – 105-Watt Moving Beam
  • Big Wave 6-In.1 – 200-Watt IP65 Outdoor Fixture
Our innovative lighting techniques have been used for adding a special ambiance to many special venues and events, including:
  • Country Club Events
  • Weddings
  • Theaters
  • Houses of Worship
  • Tent Companies
  • Nightclubs

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