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If you are part of a tight-knit team at work or a member of a large extended family, there are lots of holidays beyond Christmas when it is fun to get your group together. Even a family reunion can be planned around a holiday theme. For example, why not stage your next get-together around Valentine’s Day, a day that can be dedicated to love. You can determine a specific kind of love, say, love of country or family, or mix it up with love toward friends, animals, or even your colleagues in the workplace. Of course, there’s always room for cards, flowers, and chocolate on February 14, but when your theme extends beyond the romantic, you can be as inclusive as you want and focus on creating a most memorable event.

The next holiday after Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all things Irish for a festive St. Patrick’s Day party. With the help of a creative event company like Big Wave Events, which includes a masterful staff for event production in NYC and the surrounding areas, you can produce a party for the whole office, block, church, or any group you choose. Imagine four-leaf clovers, leprechauns, and pots of gold. You can have rainbow-themed St. Patrick’s Day foods and party décor. From invitations to decorations to party favors and Irish coffee, you are sure to leave your guests in high spirits and with a new appreciation for the luck of the Irish.