Product Launch Event

Your product launch is critical to the success of your business and the building of your brand. Our event planners in Connecticut will help you think about whether or not you want to tie your launch to a related event like a dinner, meeting, or another industry function. If your company is a startup, a launch event has a lot riding on its success. The bottom line is you want to make your product launch enjoyable, memorable, and buzz-worthy. Our experienced event planner in Manhattan takes the time to understand your goals, whether you want to create awareness, engagement, or sales.

Big Wave Events provides the event design and production value you need to make your product launch a success. We use state-of-the-art equipment for all of the technical and visual aspects of your product launch. An onsite manager from our team for event production in NYC monitors your event to make sure everything runs smoothly and accomplishes the results you seek and expect.


USA Today Network

Event Site:  USA Today Headquarters, NYC

Event: A Historical Look at 30 Years of Ad Meter

Producer:  Brian Winthrop

Audio Engineer: Rhys Kiernan

Video:  Eddie Goddin

Lighting: Tristan Kane

Gilmore Girls Festival

Location:  Tent at Town Hall in Washington Depot, CT

Producer: Brian Winthrop

Lighting:  Jeffrey Winthrop

Run of Show: Joseph Burns


Cheddar Product Launch, NYC

Site:  Flat Iron Square, NYC

Producer: Brian Winthrop

Audio Engineer: Carlos Dias




Event: 2015 CEMA Convention, Newport Marriott
Event Planner: David Chu, CEMA
Event Production: Brian Winthrop, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Grand Opening of new Sustainable Electric Plant

Event Producer: Brian Winthrop, CMP, CSEP

Lighting Designer: Tom Russell

AV: Joe Burns

Decor: Mariella Winthrop

Admissions Day, Sacred Heart University

Site: Pitt Center

Audience Size: 3,000

Event Planner: Robert Gilmore, Director of Campus Experience and Kenneth Higgins, Director of Admissions

Event Producer: Brian Winthrop, CMP, CSEP, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Audio Engineer: Carlos Dias, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Video Engineer: Tom Russell, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

LD: Brandon Liquori, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC


Client: Protein Sciences, Meriden, CT

Product: Flublok

Designer: Brian and Mariella Winthrop, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Event Coordinator: Rachael Felberbaum, Manager, Scientific Communications

Sales Meeting

Firm: Henkel Corporation

Site: Henkel Corporate Headquarters, Bridgewater, NJ

Producer: Brian Winthrop, Big Wave Event Productions


Producer:  Brian Winthrop, CSEP, CMP

Audio Engineer:  Carlos Dias

LD:  Joseph Burns

Decor: Mariella Winthrop

Splashlight Studios

Westfield Mall Trumbull

Opening of the new $30 million Food Court

Event Design and Production: Big Wave Event Productions

Event Planner: Amy Johnstone, Director of Marketing, Westfield Mall Trumbull

Flagship Store Opening in Soho, NYC for Parasuco Jeans

Marketing Director: Adrienne McGrath, Parasuco Jeans

Designer: Grayson Handy, Prudence Design

Event Producer: Brian Winthrop, CMP, CSEP, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Lighting Designer: Peter Wylie, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Fabric Designer: Mariella Winthrop, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Audio Engineer: Jay Morascini, Big Wave Event Productions, LLC

Party for the Weather Channel with Special Guest Performer Grammy Winner Michelle Branch

Guests entered the event through a lobby filled with fog, potted palms and people in white raincoats as if they were on some Amazonian reserve. It was a sampling of effects that partygoers would experience once they took the elevator up to the main space, where Corporate Events Manhattan created four different environments with food and decor that reflected the seasons, and Big Wave International projected video images of outdoor activities specific to each season.

In the autumn section, a quaint wood station provided fruits and cheeses surrounded by stacks of hay and dried autumn leaves. Dried branches with berries decorated the walls, and Big Wave lit the area in warm red and orange gels. For the winter part of the space, small white tables and stools sat around frosted tree branches decorated with blue Christmas lights. There was a small seared salmon station made of actual ice blocks carved to look like winter garden trellises, and bartenders poured martinis down an ice slide.

Outside on the patio deck, summer was celebrated underneath a clear enclosed tent with a sprawling kite suspended above guests’ heads. Fold-out patio chairs and wood tables were spread out next to tin buckets with striped throw pillows inside. Heat lamps placed around the deck helped to heat the space to the right temperature for guests to enjoy the sangria bar.

For the spring season, Big Wave lit the main performance area with soft green lighting. The green tables had live flowers by Botanica, scented candles burning and wooden folding chairs. Guests could sip apple martinis near a babbling brook station set up to the side of the stage with a small stream flowing around pieces of seasoned fried chicken and sesame noodles in peanut sauce.

After an hour of mingling and interacting in the season-specific spaces, Weather Channel executives gathered everyone to the stage for a speech about daily life and, of course, the weather, before singer Michelle Branch sang a few songs from her new album. To drive home the idea that the station is really about what life will be like today˜not just cold fronts˜guests got their own MP3 players with the Weather Channel logo to take their own music with them for various seasonal activities.

Paul OhanPhotos courtesy of Biz Bash and Brian Winthrop

Product Launch Nissan

Site: I-Beam, Manhattan, NY

Event Production Company: Big Wave International, Ltd. (audio, video and lighting)

All photos courtesy of Brian Winthrop, CMP, CSEP