To continue with our blog on “Holding a Successful Fashion Show,” there are numerous tasks and responsibilities that go into making your event effective. As a fashion show organizer you can set the theme and work with a hand-picked committee to make up the list of sponsors, guests, budgets, and produce the necessary communications—from invitations to thank-you notes.

Fashion shows are made up of a variety of elements and themes that are intended to add the right amount of excitement and verve to entice audiences to like what they see and buy what they like. Whether you are deciding between a period-theme or a spring-garden motif, contact the fashion show specialists at Big Wave Events for event production in NYC and the surrounding areas. Themes set the mood, feel, and focus of the event. If you hold a fashion show with a seasonal theme like winter, for example, you might focus on the following to exemplify the theme:

Velvet is a perfect material for winter fashion shows, so if you have a velvet clothing collection in mind, hold your show in winter.

Another good option for a winter fashion show theme is Tartan, a material with vertical and horizontal bands in a number of colors.  

Animal Print
Animal prints are also good themes for winter fashion shows; they are always in fashion and popular year round.

Faux Fur
Fur, real or faux, can be used in many different ways such as in accessories, shoes, or clothes.

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